Ancient Near East Covenant Structure and Studies

    Ancient Near East Covenant Structure and Studies

       “Understanding the Depths of Walking In Covenant with our KING YHWH Tz’vaot”

Since around April of 2011  I have been immersed in the history, structure and study of Ancient Near East Covenants, Suzerain/Vassal Treaties, Royal Grants, Parity Treaties  and many other sub-areas that branch off from these subjects, such as Scriptural and ANE Law Codes ,Covenant Language/Terminology,Lawsuits of the Prophets, Familial Relationships such as adoption etc. This study has not only completely transformed my understanding of the Scriptures, but it has also penetrated my heart beyond the description of reverence for who our King and Creator is.

As those of you who are frequent visitors to this blog can attest to, our Covenant with the Creator of all things has been the consistent message that we maintain as the focal point and root to all that we post.  With confidence, I can now propose to all who are reading this  that we have barely scratched the surface of importance and understanding to the Kingship, Authority, or Sovereignty of YHWH Tz’vaot along with the sheer beautification of Covenant Structure and Form within the Scriptures that interweaves every aspect of Berit and defines all the attributes of YHWH in an unfathomable light.

I am fully convinced that this area is the backdrop behind understanding the depths of Covenant and Protocol that has been designed by no other than YHWH-The Creator of All Things. It is this realm of study that will shine wisdom on the exact role of our Mashiach and the Restoration of the Kingdom of Israel. I am in total amazement and awe of how areas of the Scriptures and praying to Abba from the Siddur have simply come alive in a manner in which I have not experienced outside this light of understanding.

By investigating these specific areas of study we can only begin to realize the relationship of King and Servant .  We as a people being so far removed from ancient culture tend to look beyond or simply overlook certain things because we cannot grasp actually living in the time-frame  in which the Scriptures, Our Covenant first began. The structure of Covenant was fully understood not only by all those within the Scriptures, but by all ancient near eastern nations. Many covenants,texts, treaties as well as archaeology of the Bronze Age and other time periods have been discovered and  preserved enough for us to study and to get an even better understanding of Covenant Structure and how it is formulated within our own Covenant with YHWH. This absolutely DOES NOT mean that Avinu used something pagan to establish HIS Nation Israel. It means that by studying the information available thru history at the surface level, we will then begin to see and connect just how deep our Covenant goes with Abba in HIS Wisdom in a multifaceted eternal picture. We must remember that the knowledge of Covenant and its structure/form has been known since the beginning in the Garden, and is interwoven throughout time beyond this point. It is from understanding the “foundations” and “roles” of the parties involved within  a covenantal agreement can we begin to fathom a truly  loving relationship with our Creator and Redeemer.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I implore you to begin to look at our Covenant and Scriptures as a Legal International Document of an Eternal Kingdom and Constitution of the Commonwealth of Israel and NOT as a religion. Then we can begin to focus on the message and understand what our personal roles are in the Kingdom.

This is why Rico Cortes has opened up his website at Wisdom in Torah to be a launch pad and Yeshiva for those interested in studying with us in this area of the Ancient Near East and its context to the Scriptures.  This is a shared desire to see that this message is understood  within the household of Israel around the world, at this specific time in our history. It is also a very huge blessing for myself and Ryan to be invited to help share this message alongside our brother Rico. I highly encourage all who are not members to please join the website there. All of Ryan’s as well as my own teachings in these areas are there along with the work and  countless hours of video and resources that Rico puts up each week.You will be blessed by this ministry ladies and gentlemen, I promise you that.

Another point that needs emphasizing is that the last hundred years or so, the scholarship in these areas of study have been by those who have lacked the ability to connect the continuity of the Torah AND Mashiach Yeshua as being ONE RENEWED COVENANT. So it is of the utmost importance, right now -at this specific point in history as we draw closer each day to the full Restoration of Israel to emphasize this “Complete Message of the Covenant.”

Mishpocha, I pray that you share in this desire to learn how we are to live and walk out our Covenant, and begin to see the importance of this area of study. I know that teaching the Torah and  sharing  about our Covenant and all its elements is to be the  focus  for me and my house, for we are servants to Adonai. It is the very sense and walking of this Covenant out  that makes us “echad”. It is what binds us together.It makes us a Nation, a Qodesh People  whose KING declares that HE will love, cherish, protect and maintain HIS People , HIS Nation, HIS Servants if they show their allegiance and love for their KING in the manner in which HE desires and has laid out in the Covenant  Structure of HIS Design! It also shines light on how we as vassals(servants) of the KING(suzerain) of the Universe can learn and know how to love one another as fellow vassals within the same Covenant, serving our KING and SOVEREIGN.

Rico, Ryan and myself  have only scratched the surface of material that we are researching and have spent countless hours and days in reading already, and I promise you this subject cannot and will not be exhausted. Once completion of one article or book, then new ones need to be gone over and read because Covenant structure has  multiple levels, descriptive elements  and so much validity and specific material that new doors and windows need to be investigated, explored, connected and soaked in. The three of us share the same desire to build up and proclaim YHWH’s Kingdom as opposed to building kingdoms for ourselves. It is crucial to move beyond all the fighting and backbiting of issues within the faith that we are not going to fix. Focus must be on the areas that unite; Torah, Mashiach, and Covenant.


Let us come together as a family, as a nation to learn how to serve the KING of the Universe and Creator of all things…YHWH Tz’vaot!

I am fully convinced that Avinu intends and wills for this message of understanding the depths of HIS Covenant and Kingdom to go forth and HE will indeed accomplish HIS Rule and Reign over all HIS Enemies and we as HIS Nation, HIS faithful servants to HIS Covenant will have rest and enter into HIS Kingdom!

 Psa 24:1  The earth belongs to יהוה, And all that fills it – The world and those who dwell in it.
Psa 24:2  For He has founded it upon the seas, And upon the waters He does establish it.
Psa 24:3  Who does go up into the mountain of יהוה? And who does stand in His set-apart place?
Psa 24:4  He who has innocent hands and a clean heart, Who did not bring his life to naught, And did not swear deceivingly.
Psa 24:5  He receives a blessing from יהוה, And righteousness from the Elohim of his deliverance.
Psa 24:6  This is the generation of those who seek Him; Yaʽaqoḇ, who seek Your face. Selah.
Psa 24:7  Lift up your heads, O you gates! And be lifted up, you everlasting doors! And let the Sovereign of esteem come in.
Psa 24:8  Who is this Sovereign of esteem? יהוה strong and mighty, יהוה mighty in battle.
Psa 24:9  Lift up your heads, O you gates! Even lift up, you everlasting doors! And let the Sovereign of esteem come in.
Psa 24:10  Who is this Sovereign of esteem? יהוה of hosts, He is the Sovereign of esteem! Selah.

Ancient Near East Covenant Structure and Studies PDF

Shalom, shalom Mishpocha,



4 thoughts on “Ancient Near East Covenant Structure and Studies

  1. Always let a person be Yah fearing privately and publicly, acknowledge the truth, speak the truth within his heart, and arise early and proclaim: Master of all worlds and Master of Masters! Not in the merit of our righteousness do we cast our supplications before You, but in the merit of Your abundant mercy. What are we? What is our life? What is our kindness? What is our righteousness? What is our salvation? What is our strength? What is our might? What can we say before You, Adonai, our Elohim, and the Elohim of our forefathers-are not all the mighty like nothing before You, the famous as if they had never existed, the wise as if devoid of wisdom and the perceptive as if devoid of intelligence? For most of their deeds are desolate and the days of their lives are empty before You. The preeminence of man over beast is non-existent for all is vain, except for the pure soul that is destined to give justification and reckoning before the Throne of Your Glory. All the nations are as if non existent before You, as it is said: “Behold! The nations are like a bitter drop from a bucket, and reckoned like copper dust rubbing off a scale; behold He will case away the islands like dust. BUT WE ARE YOUR PEOPLE, MEMBERS OF YOUR COVENANT, CHILDREN OF ABRAHAM, YOUR BELOVED, TO WHOM YOU TOO AN OATH AT MOUNT MORIAH; THE OFFSPRING OF ISAAC, HIS ONLY SON, WHO WAS BOUND ATOP THE ALTAR, THE COMMUNITY OF JACOB, YOUR FIRSTBORN SON, WHOM BECAUSE OF THE LOVE WITH WHICH YOU ADORED HIM AND THE JOY WITH WHICH YOU DELIGHTED IN HIM, YOU NAMED ISRAEL AND JESHURUN! Therefore, we thank You, glorify You, bless,sanctify,and offer praises and thanks to Your Name. We are fortunate, how good is our portion, how pleasant our lot and how beautiful our heritage. We are fortunate when we come early in the morning and stay late in the day and unify Your Name each day, continually and proclaim twice with love; Shema Israel, Adonai is our El, Adonai, the One and Only!.. Blessed is the Name of His glorious kingdom for all eternity.
    Prayer from Ohel Sarah Women’s Siddur, artscroll series…. Shacharis (The Akeidah) pg 20-21

  2. wow. new here. I am blown away by that prayer. May YHWH continue to richly bless you and the fruit of your passion for Him.
    shalom shalom, T

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