The Echad Etz Project/Wisdom In Torah Update

Shalom Mishpocha!

I pray that you all are doing well and continually moving forward in your walk with OUR KING! I know that we have not been posting here lately, and the reason for that is due to  I have been putting together teachings on video over on Wisdom In Torah with my good brothers Rico and Ryan. Hopefully many of you have joined the website over there and have been able to enjoy all the different areas we have been studying and going thru…it has been an amazing journey. I highly encourage everyone to come and be a part of the blog over at Wisdom In Torah Ministries. You will be blessed!  All of the articles here on the Echad Etz Project Blog that Melanie and I have posted will remain and we will continue to post here as time permits. One very important reason why we have teamed up together on Rico’s website is to work and study together in all of the many different facets of the Ancient Near East and how they tie in with proper understanding to our Covenant with YHWH and to present quality and relevant teachings that promote unity and proper context to this Covenant with the Great KING! Please visit the following post to get a better understanding of what and why the Ancient near East is so relevant to our understanding...Ancient Near Eastern Covenant Studies. We have some exciting things planned for the coming year , I will keep you posted as to when they come about. Also, If you would like me to visit your local group or congregation,or have any questions at all , feel free to drop me an email at or you can now donate to the work we are doing by clicking the button below.

May YHWH Bless You and Your House!





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